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A perfect monitor and alarm system using in hospital, industry, and more…

Main Product

GM 100M series is a monitor and alarm device which is used in any place required physical value monitoring. The main application is monitoring medical gas pressure in hospital.

GM 100M

  • One device with multiple purpose such as area, combo, or master Alarm in hospital usage.
  • Touch screen with on site parameters setup.
  • Provides standard communication protocols for remote connection .
  • Suitable any 4~20mA sensor for any other physical value monitoring.

CA 097/156 Central Alarm series is a device which is used to connect all GM 100M on-site alarms via ethernet in an easy way with minimum setting.

CA 097/156

  • Bring your GM 100M on-site alarms in front of you with a single touch.
  • Remote Viewing, control, setting of GM 100M.
  • Up to 90 on-site alarms connectivity.
  • Functions are comparable to those of SCADA or BMS with lower price.

GM 07XM series is able to retrofit the first generation of BAA-L series monitor and alarm device with minimum cost and time.


  • Has the same functions and performances of GM 100M series.
  • It is not only for retrofit purpose. It has complete accessories for a stand alone alarm.
  • Vertival type for 1~2 gases with big size indications to enlarge long distance clearness.

Design Up with Real Experts

Products are designed according to standards and guidance including users experience. They have been tested and found to be in conformity with standards.